How Much Information Should a Jail Provide? - Rating Jails by their Transparency

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The JAILEX Rating System – Identifying and Rating the Best and Worst Jails in America

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Top 50 Jails in America – JAILEX Ratings for the TOP 50 Jails, Adult and Juvenile in the United States

Over 15 million men, women and children are arrested and jailed every year in the United States.  That equates to over 5% of the population, or one in twenty citizens. Whether they realize it or not, everyone knows somebody who is, or has been in jai... Read more

Jail and Prison Inmate Visitation – General Rules and Guidelines for Visiting an Inmate in a County Jail

Every County Jail, and each State and Federal Prison has its own specific policies regarding Inmate Visits. You should check with that facility’s rules and regulations and especially their Visitation Schedules. These are a few general guidelines whic... Read more

VINELink Inmate Searches – The largest Free Integrated Inmate Search in the United States

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Inmate Searches – How to conduct an Inmate Lookup for any State or Federal Prison in America

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Inmate Lookup for any offender in any City or County Jail

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Inmate Searches – What is a Jail? A State Prison? A Federal Prison?

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