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What Does Crack Cocaine Do To The Body?

Whether you already know your loved one is using crack cocaine or you merely suspect it, you may be wondering what physical damage it can do to the user. One of the problems with crack cocaine is that the high from it only lasts 10-15 minutes. Thi... Read more

How Does a Suboxone Program Work?

If your loved one is going to a Suboxone doctor for help with an addiction to pain pills, heroin or morphine, he or she is taking a daily dose of medication that blocks the brain's ability to feel withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone was approved in 2002 fo... Read more

How is My Love One Paying for Drugs?

If your boyfriend is on drugs, he may be running short on cash trying to pay for them. In many areas of the country, drug dealers have gotten creative with how they are paid for their services. This gives your friend different ways to buy what dru... Read more

Tips For Giving A Drug Test

Over the counter drug tests are widely available in USA stores. You choose the test that checks your family member’s urine for the type of drugs you suspect he or she is using. If the test shows positive for drugs, you send it off in a pre-addressed ... Read more

Am I Addicted?

If you are reading this, you already suspect you have a problem. Knowing for sure can help you make important decisions about how to proceed. People get caught up with many different drugs and each person is an individual, however, if the following t... Read more

Can I Lose My Car if it is Used in a Drug Deal?

You may wrestle with whether or not to let a drug-user borrow your vehicle. That person may go to work or to school but on the way home stop to buy or sell drugs. A local attorney is the best person to advise you about the laws in your area, but i... Read more

Earning Back Trust

The good news is you are clean and sober. The bad news is that your past drug use left a trail of terrible decisions and broken trust. Earning back the trust of friends and family will take time. Your own actions can help the process along. Be Truthf... Read more

What Counts as Drug Paraphernalia?

In most states, a person caught in possession of drug paraphernalia can be criminally charged. Obvious paraphernalia items include dirty syringes or residue-filled pipes. What many people don't know, however, is that any item used get high, concea... Read more