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Is My Loved One Using Drugs?

Trying to figure out if your loved one is using drugs can be stressful. Confrontation often leads to denial, anger and guilt trips - leaving you more confused than ever. Signs of use can vary depending on their drug of choice, but there are several b... Read more

Top 10 Reasons for Substance Abuse

Although there is no one reason that causes each and every drug and alcohol addiction, the experts agree there are many common reasons that are more prevalent than others. The 10 most commonly noted reasons that lead to addictions are as follows:  I... Read more

Drug Overdoses And Their Staggering Annual Death Rates

You've realized you have a problem with substance abuse. Perhaps that latest alcohol binge did the job, or maybe you're beginning to experience the many devastating physical side effects of a dependency on drugs. Whether you quit cold turkey in a ... Read more

How Quitting Drugs Can Change Your Life

It can be one of scariest periods in life. The constant cycle of searching for money to buy drugs or alcohol, using, and then searching for ways to get more product can lead countless people down a horrendous and unspeakable path. Substance abuse can... Read more

Is Rehab Necessary? Alternatives For Quitting Drugs

You've taken that last hit or drink and you know that it's time to stop this dangerous habit. But quitting on your own is so incredibly difficult -- and rehabilitation is so incredibly expensive. Is there any middle ground for a recovering addict on ... Read more

Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey - Is It Dangerous?

It's happened once've hit rock bottom. Whether you're on the outs with your significant other after a very intoxicated fight or looking at a revoked license due to a DWI, you've clearly experienced some very negative consequences as a re... Read more

Relapses and How To Know When They Arrive

You've attended all your AA meetings, put in time with the therapist, taken the necessary medications in short, you've come a long way from where you began on this exhausting road to recovery. But you're tired and man, a good shot of tequi... Read more

What is the Average Wage for Drug Abuse Counselors?

The pay earned by a drug counselor will depend a great deal on the counselor's education level, responsibility and place of employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) covers the work of drug counselors under the title of Substance Abuse and Beh... Read more