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How Do You Quit Drinking Alcohol?

Problems with drinking or drug abuse can impact every area of your life. It can make it difficult to advance in your career or even keep a job. It can interfere with your relationships. It can make it hard for you to maintain the progress you have ma... Read more

How Do You Quit Taking Psychiatric Drugs?

Discontinuing the use of prescription psychiatric medication can be significantly different from quitting other types of substances or alcohol. The quitting of psychiatric medication needs to be handled very carefully, whether these drugs were initia... Read more

How Do You Quit Using Drugs Cold Turkey?

If you have a substance abuse problem you may be wondering about the benefits and drawbacks of quitting your substance use cold turkey. Drug abuse is a serious problem that affects many millions of people throughout the nation. According to DrugAbuse... Read more

Why is Quitting Drugs So Hard? Part 1

If you're struggling with an addiction right now, you may be wondering why it seems so hard to quit. Only one component to substance abuse is the actual physical addiction to the drug. Other components include your current mental state, the circumsta... Read more

How Hard is it To Stop Smoking Marijuana?

If you've decided that it's time to quit smoking marijuana, you have some good news coming your way. This type of drug is one of the easiest illegal substances to stop using cold turkey. Research shows that it is about as difficult as ending a cigare... Read more

How are Drugs Smuggled Into Prisons?

One of the main issues in the prison systems is the availability of drugs and alcohol to the prisoners, which can make it difficult for a prisoner to end their addiction. Prisoners that are already struggling with substance abuse issues will often fi... Read more

Are Bath Salts Addictive?

Most drugs seem scary. Not only are you putting something in your body that you were never meant to inhale, inject or ingest, but there is always the fear that you will get hooked, even after only trying a substance once. It is common knowledge that ... Read more

Why is Quitting Drugs So Hard? Part 2

Quitting drugs doesn't happen easily; it requires a lifelong commitment to sobriety. For many individuals hoping to stop their drug or alcohol habit, it can be incredibly frustrating to go cold turkey. Understanding the neurobiology of addiction shed... Read more