Marriage and Incarceration: Can we marry while he is in prison?

Whether you met while he was in prison or you knew him before he went in, all you know is when he popped the question your heart melted. Now you are engaged. Obviously, the traditional wedding is out of the question, but can you get married at all wh... Read more

Prison Smoking Facts: He Wants Me to Bring Cigarettes to the Jail. Will I get arrested if I’m Caught?

At some point your boyfriend might ask you to bring cigarettes to the next visit so he can get them from you and keep them in his cell. He says everyone does it. If you have talked with former inmates, or your boyfriend has been locked up before, you... Read more

My boyfriend just failed a drug test in jail! How could that happen?

The one thing you felt a little relief about when your boyfriend went to jail is that he would get clean and sober in there.  Hopefully, once he gets a clear head he will decide to go to rehab when he gets out. But his cellie just called and said you... Read more

Jail and Prison Visitation: He won’t let me bring the Kids to Visit, What Do I Do?

Each parent is different, and some want their children to visit their incarcerated family member whenever possible. The kids bring their report cards, news of what they did last week and stories about who they have a crush on. Other parents are adama... Read more

Parole Hearing is Soon: How Can I Help My Inmate’s Chances For Parole?

Parole hearings are considered by many to be a crapshoot. The inmate goes before the Board, speaks his piece, answers some questions and then waits days, weeks, or even months for the Board's decision. The most effective thing you can do is to help h... Read more

Public Defenders: Will He Have the Same Lawyer? He Got Busted Again

The last time your husband was arrested he was appointed a public defender to represent him in court. Now he’s been taken in again. Will he get the same attorney for his new case? It all depends. Either it went well last time or it went wrong. Wha... Read more

Undocumented Immigrants Who Are Charged With a Crime: What Happens to Them?

Being arrested for any reason is stressful but if your boyfriend is an illegal immigrant and is arrested on a criminal charge unrelated to his immigration status, he may also find himself in trouble with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ... Read more

Posting Bail and Skipping Court: You’ve Bailed Him Out, He Doesn’t Appear; Will You Go to Jail?

Getting that frantic call from jail is hard, when someone you care about has been arrested and asks you to post bail. The Bail Bonds industry is controversial in some states. If your state allows the use of bail bondsmen, posting bail means you give ... Read more