What Does Being In The Hole Mean?

You just got word that your loved on is “in the hole.” What does that mean? It means he or she has been moved to a segregated area of the jail or prison and given a one-person cell. Typically, an inmate is put in the hole as a form of punishment. Bei... Read more

Can I Visit During A Lock Down At The Jail?

There are few things more difficult than when you’ve rearranged your life to visit your loved one in jail only to arrive and be turned away. Lock downs are frequent occurrences in county jails, and they happen for several reasons. Whether or not you ... Read more

What If I Can’t Visit an Inmate As Much as I Would Like To?

When someone you love is sent to jail or prison, your instinct is to visit them at every visiting opportunity. The reality in many cases is that it can't be done. Inmates get moved from prison to prison sometimes. You have children, a job, and social... Read more

What if I’m Going to Jail When I’m Pregnant?

If you are facing a misdemeanor charge, the worst-case scenario will be a year or less in jail. Apply any good time credit the jail allows and you could be out in a few months. Not fun, but doable. Except you just found out you're pregnant. The idea ... Read more

What Do I Say When People Ask if They're in Prison?

It was difficult enough to face that fact that your loved one was going to jail or prison but with time you accepted it. It can still be awkward when others ask where he or she is. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Good people make bad choices. And ... Read more

What Does it Mean to Register as a Felon?

If you are a convicted felon, some states require you to register with law enforcement if you visit or move to their state. The scary part is that there are no signs when you cross the state line letting you know these laws exist. If you happen to be... Read more

Can I Send a Box of Things to an Inmate?

There are still a few county jails in rural areas that allow inmates to receive packages through the mail system from people on the outside, but the vast majority restrict this activity. If your loved one is in a county jail or state prison, you won'... Read more

What are Consecutive and Concurrent Sentences?

When you are charged with and convicted of more than one crime during the same court process, you are facing more than one sentence, such as if you are convicted of a crime that carries three-to-five years and a second crime that carries one to two y... Read more