What Is A Sealed Indictment?

A sealed indictment is when a Grand Jury decides there is enough probable cause to try a person for a felony. While many indictments are made part of the public record, a sealed indictment is kept secret until specific conditions have been met. Typic... Read more

Can Anyone Know I Was Arrested?

Whether you are allowed to turn yourself in or you are handcuffed and brought to jail in a squad car, the end result is the same - Your arrest will be part of the public record. Anyone who wants to know what happened to you will be able to access tha... Read more

What Are Some Reasons for Plea Deals?

A plea deal is when your attorney and a prosecutor negotiate an agreement on your behalf, whereby you plead guilty so that your case does not go to trial. Your attorney is the only person who should advise you as to whether or not a plea deal is poss... Read more

Staying Connected to Your Inmate

Whether it is your spouse, family member or friend in prison, staying connected is important. Letters are great, phone calls are too, but you may be running out of things to say. Here are several ideas to stay connected with your inmate while having ... Read more

What Are Two-For-Ones in County Jails?

Incarceration for your misdemeanor conviction will typically be done in a county jail. Incarceration for a felony conviction will be too, depending on how long you will be locked up. Many county jails are overcrowded, prompting administrators to use ... Read more

How Can I Get a Public Defender?

If you have been charged with a crime and cannot afford an attorney, you have the right to have one appointed for you. This attorney is usually called a public defender. You need to tell the judge in court that you need an attorney appointed to you. ... Read more

How Can I Find Out if I Have an Arrest Warrant?

In most cases, arrest warrants are public record, therefore they are accessible by you and others. There are some exceptions, including probation violation warrants. In some counties, if you have violated probation for any reason including catching a... Read more

What is a Felony Sentencing Guideline?

After your loved one is convicted of a felony, the next step is sentencing. If he or she reached an agreement with the state and avoided a trial, the sentence length is sometimes part of that agreement. If sentence length isn't included or no agreeme... Read more