Can Inmates Go To Funerals?

When the loved one of an inmate dies there is no guarantee the inmate will be allowed to attend their funeral service, but in some cases it is possible. The decision typically depends as much on the inmate's standing in the judicial system as it does... Read more

What is an Enhanced Sentence?

An enhanced sentence happens when the law allows the court to apply additional time to your sentence due to specific circumstances. In most cases, if you are convicted of a crime, the judge sets your sentence within the perimeters of the legally spec... Read more

What Is A Hold In Jail Or Prison?

If your loved one is in jail or prison and has a hold placed, it means another jurisdiction wants him or her brought there before being released for any reason. Typically, the guards or jail administrators will let an inmate know as soon as a hold co... Read more

Will I be Able to Take My Prescription Medications in Jail/Prison?

The Supreme Court has ruled that to show Deliberate Indifference to the medical needs of an inmate would violate the inmate's eighth amendment rights. However, the nation's prison and county jail systems were left to determine what Medical Need means... Read more

Can Inmates Receive Books?

Reading is a popular activity in jails and prisons. Inmates have a lot of free time on their hands so reading helps in preventing boredom. The stories take an inmate outside of the jail or prison walls and lets them “experience” other lives. They als... Read more

Can I Get Medical Care in a County Jail?

No county jail in the USA is allowed to refuse you medical attention if you have a serious or potentially serious medical issue. A few county jails have up-to-date kiosks in each POD that allow inmates to schedule their own medical checkups. Most cou... Read more

What is a Probation Pill Check or Probation Pill Count?

If you are on probation or parole, any prescribed medication you take must be disclosed to your supervising officer. He or she will keep some or all of the following information on file: The name of the medication How often you are supposed to ... Read more

Sneaking Drugs Into Jail

The idea of going to jail is scary enough without the thought of having to detox once you are there. Even though withdrawal from drugs sounds horrible and you would rather avoid it, there are several reasons why trying to sneak drugs in to jail with ... Read more