Can I Get Special Visits With Someone I Love Who is in Jail?

Most county jails have strict visitation schedules due to the number of inmates and the number of people who want to see them. Typically, you have to set up special visits ahead of time, but there are some jails that make exceptions. You may be allow... Read more

Can An Inmate Parole To My House?

Most incarcerated adults are given an opportunity to have a parole hearing. This hearing determines if an inmate is going to be released on parole or will have to continue serving time in prison. It is important to have a life and support plan in pla... Read more

What is a Probation Violation?

Whether you are on probation after being in jail or you were allowed to be on probation instead of going to jail, there are rules and guidelines that you are required to follow. If you break any of these rules, your probation officer has the right to... Read more

What Happens When a Convicted Defendant is a Gang Member?

During the hearing or trial your defendant was focused on one goal: being found not guilty. But once the judge announces a guilty finding, and the case moves to the sentencing phase, your defendant’s gang affiliation could be a problem. Only an attor... Read more

Should I call my probation officer? I got in an accident, witnessed a crime, got questioned by a cop

Being on probation means you are being allowed to serve your sentence in the community but you do have rules and guidelines that you must follow. When you first met with your probation officer you went over the rules that apply in your county and wit... Read more

Your Incarcerated Loved One is a Sex Offender

Society does not like sex offenders, but you love someone who was convicted as one. This puts you in an awkward position sometimes. Whether your loved one did it or not is now irrelevant when it comes to society's attitudes. A conviction is all that ... Read more

Will the Jail or Prison Workers Read The Letters I Send?

Being separated from someone you love because he or she is incarcerated is difficult. Because all calls from prisons and jails are recorded, you are hesitant to talk about anything personal or intimate on the phone. Instead, you turn to letters. Pour... Read more

Does An Inmate Deserve Good Health Care?

On Feb 11, 2013 my husband, Scott passed away. He was 40 years old and had been serving a 42-month sentence on drug-related charges prior to his death. He was in the custody of the Kansas Department of Corrections when he died. For most of his life, ... Read more