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Drug Rehab Conversations: How Do I Talk to My Family About My Drug Addiction Before Rehab?

Some of the most difficult and most common drugs to withdraw from are opiates. The withdrawal is a short but incredibly uncomfortable experience, but if you are determined enough, you can undertake your withdrawal at home. The physical withdrawal fro... Read more

In Drug Court, What Happens if I Break the Rules? Will They Lock Me Up?

Drug Court is typically ordered instead of jail time or sometimes in order to shorten jail time. The goal of Drug Court is to offer guidance as you learn to live a clean and sober life. Once you have agreed to Drug Court and it has started, you are e... Read more

My Son Was A Drug Addict, But I Was The One Who Almost Destroyed Our Relationship

Looking back on things I would change if I had it to do over, I would have stopped being hyper-vigilant regarding my son's drug use. You know the drill. Any time you are in the same room, you are watching behaviors, listening to how he talks, and fin... Read more

There’s an Addict in the Family: How Much Do You Tell The Children?

Children pick up on a lot, more than adults sometimes realize. When they are in the house, even if they’re not in the same room, they hear things that are not meant for their ears, like drug-related conversations. Because they should not have eavesdr... Read more

Steroids In Schools

Growing up in a small town in southern America, high school sports were a huge part of day-to-day life. I remember the “star” athletes in my school. They had proud parents, happy coaches, and the whole school was behind them. Athletic programs are gr... Read more

Drug Rehab and Honesty After Relapse

Addiction has always been a disease that involves secrets and lies. Once you start your recovery process it is essential that you begin to learn that being honest about your struggles is the best way to continue living sober. Unfortunately there are ... Read more

Heroin Addiction: In My Small Country Town? Is My Son A Lost Cause?

I reached under the bathroom counter to get some cleaning supplies and saw it, a syringe with a bright orange cap. Suddenly, I had no oxygen. It felt like the air had been sucked from the room, the house, and my very life. I had suspected that my son... Read more

Withdrawing From Narcotics In Jail

Drug addicts have a much higher chance of going to jail than most people. High-risk behavior comes with the lifestyle. I was arrested for possession of drugs and resale. Unfortunately, I was physically dependent on various narcotics when I was placed... Read more