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Living with A Drug Addict and Taking Back Control

Earlier that week, I had come to the realization that my son was a drug addict. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to face. But you can only convince yourself otherwise for so long, before the evidence becomes overwhelming. The day I had tha... Read more

Drug Addiction Education: How Can I Learn More About Addiction?

When you love an addict, you are learning about dependence the hard way. Because you love the addict, you may not be able to be objective about the situation, but part of you really wants to understand how this monster got a hold of someone and turne... Read more

I’m An Addict. I Admitted It. Why Do I have to Keep Going to Meetings?

The first step to getting help is admitting you have a drug or alcohol addiction. After that it should be smooth sailing right? Wrong. As nice as it would be if recognizing the problem and getting initial treatment fixed it forever, that isn’t the wa... Read more

Drug Tests and Rehab: What Will They Do If I Fail?

If you fail a drug test while staying in a residential rehab, expect to be kicked out immediately. Rehabs understand a lot about addict behavior and typically have strict zero tolerance policies when it comes to drug screens. Here's What You Can Expe... Read more

Parenting a Drug Addicted Teen and Getting Past the Self-Blame

If you have a teenage addict, you know how this works. Other moms are sitting around mentioning which Ivy League university or great internship their child just got accepted to and you aren't sure how to respond. In my case, it was even harder. While... Read more

Drug Addiction Recovery and Family Turmoil: Why do we still fight now that he is in recovery?

You thought when he went to drug addiction rehab that everything would be just fine. Once he stopped using drugs the problems would go away. Now you find the arguments are still happening and it makes no sense. It actually does once you understand wh... Read more

After Rehab: What if I Need Anxiety Medication or Other Valid Prescriptions?

It’s a pretty common problem that a drug addict gets sober, but really does need some type of medication and no one will prescribe it for him because of his past with addiction. It becomes a catch-22. If you are honest with the doctors, they won’t he... Read more

Rehab Family Day And What I Learned

When my son first invited me to take part in "Family Day" at his rehab center, I was apprehensive. What do you mean they want to talk to me too? I asked. Everyone who knows me knows I never drink alcohol, do drugs or smoke cigarettes.  Why would they... Read more