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Choosing your Battle with Your Adult Child Addict

I never kicked my son out of the house. Friends said I should. Co-workers told me it was the only way. Even some of his drug friends said it would be for the best. But I could never bring myself to do it. Tough love means different things to differen... Read more

What are the Signs of Meth Use?

Your boyfriend has begun acting really different, and at times belligerent, but you aren't sure why. He had a problem with Meth before he met you according to a family member. What should you be looking for in case he's using again?Behavioral Signals... Read more

Q&A With Justin, A Meth Addict

How did you get started using Methamphetamines?I was smoking a lot of Weed with my friends and then one day one of their older sisters came in the room and asked if we wanted to try Meth. I figured I had been smoking Weed for months without any probl... Read more

Illegal Drugs Testing: 4 Mistakes That Can Ruin Drug Test Results

All signs point to him getting high again, but you want him to take a drug test to be sure. Over the counter drug tests are extremely accurate as long as they are not cheated. To get the most accurate results possible, avoid the following mistakes.In... Read more

Teen Drug Addiction: Give your friends time to understand that your child is a drug addict

One day, several years into my son's drug addiction, I realized, my friends had deserted me. I tried to remember the last time anyone had called me to go to lunch or ask how I was, and I could not come up with anything from the prior two years. I was... Read more

Inhalant Abuse: Q&A With a Huffing Addict

Why did you start huffing? I was on probation for drug use and was being drug tested on a regular basis. Huffing doesn't show up on a drug test, so I decided to try it. It was cheap - the cost of a can of paint or air dust. It was a quick high. It ha... Read more

Recovering from Drugs: 5 Steps to Admitting a Drug Addiction

After months or years of denial you have decided to come clean about your drug addiction. The following four steps will help it go more smoothly. Put together a treatment plan. Contact rehabs, outpatient treatment centers and others to decide which... Read more

After the Drug Relapse

What was your drug of choice?My drug of choice was Opiates, though I didn't care much what type they were. Pills, liquid Methadone, Morphine, if I could find it, I used it. I never got into Heroin but all the others were fair game. How long were you ... Read more